The Meaning of Friendship Bracelets

Published: 10th September 2009
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Typically, friendship bracelets have been given from one friend to another. Originally made popular in the 70s during the time of peace and love, they are symbolic, meaningful, and can also be quite fashionable. Sometimes, friendship bracelets may just be a simple piece of string, but other times, you may want to give something a little more long lasting to show your appreciation and pride.

Today, friendship bracelets are still popular and now, they are more stylish than ever. Silver bracelets are the number one choice, as they offer you the freedom to engrave a personal message, initials or a secret saying between you and your BFF. You can choose between a heart, oval or round shaped tag and more. Designers are constantly coming out with new designs and styles to accommodate the friendships that are symbolized by these bracelets worldwide. Look online for the latest designs that not only look fabulous, but also are completely affordable.

Another option for friendship bracelets are those that incorporate colors and symbols. For example, get your bestie a bracelet with her birthstone or favorite color. Pick up a matching one for yourself and you'll be a set. Bracelets don't have to be marked with the word "friendship" for you to give them as gifts. You can turn any bracelet into a friendship bracelet. Try a charm bracelet adorned with symbols that relate to her favorite activities, sports and hobbies. Present it with a card and a well written message for a complete package that will be much appreciated. Friendship bracelets can be given between two friends, or an entire group. Girls can give them to their mothers or their schoolmates. Women of any age can get in on this timeless trend that is fun to wear and will never go out of style.

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